Cetin SertSenior Software Engineer


Cetin’s desire to defy boundaries and work remotely in complete freedom and undisturbed tranquility paved the way to an adventure that has now become KE2 Connect. He is a joint patent holder and enjoys a strong professional partnership with Steve.


As a software engineer with deep roots in functional and symbolic programming, his passion to learn and experiment provides a vast experience that spans many disciplines from software engineering to network security, from user interface design to cross-platform development. An untiring dedication and courage to jump fields and technologies gives Cetin the solid foundation to bundle his experience together in innovative ways to offer unique solutions.


Cetin joined forces with Steve in 2013 to deliver the freedom and ease of access he holds so dear in life to KE2 Therm customers.


PH: 636.266.0140 x522
Email: cetin.sert@ke2connect.io

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