KE2 Connect’s technology offers very unique capabilities allowing common, non-technical users to easily deploy secure remote access solutions for local and wan network assets.


Our Patent is the foundation of this technology, and consists of several additional components that are native to our product offering.


Discover –  Locating Ethernet, Wireless and Industrial (BACnet, ModBus) devices / services has never been easier.  Simply scan for the services manually or allow the KE2 Connect SmartEdge device do it for you automatically.


Transport – Discovered devices / services are optionally published and securely transported to the KE2 Connect SmartServer Portal using the latest web security standards (TLS v1.2 AES256-GCM-SHA384).  Our technology natively supports bidirectional, real-time access to published services.   No more waiting for stale, READ ONLY, data.  Secure access to these devices / services is available via any Web browser or API.


Manage – Device / Service metadata is presented on a Dashboard to further enhance the visibility of the information being delivered.  Viewing this data couldn’t be easier.  And, send alarm notifications via email or sms.


Our Technology
Our Technology
KE2 Connect Highlights:
  • Automatic scanning and discovery of local/remote network for services
  • Dashboarding / Publishing network assets
  • Tunneling registered and unregistered services (RAW ports)
  • API access to data conduit with approved credentials
  • Asset connection integrity carefully watched and maintained
  • Performance optimizations on content and data flow to drastically improve user experience
What makes us special:
  • Ease of installation – the majority of our installs don’t require IT assistance
  • Our solution provides real time access
  • Supports other Industrial Protocols – BACnet, ModBus – Roadmap includes many more
  • Binaries that run on ALL IOT PLATFORMS (x86, ARM, MIPS)
  • Product with documentation shipping in the Commercial Refrigeration market
  • Resource access is limited ONLY to the services required
  • Access to the local resource(s) is controlled by the technology installer
  • We use TLS 1.2 (AES256-GCM-SHA384) and Certificate based authentication
  • NO special client software is required
  • Ability to reuse EXISTING software and hardware infrastructure
  • Natively supports Two-factor authentication
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