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Providing intelligent discovery tools for Ethernet and Industrial protocols that can easily locate digital assets while providing a secure bidirectional transport for Internet/Remote access.

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In addition to developing Smart communication technology for Commercial Refrigeration controls, KE2 Connect’s Patented technology delivers local Service views to remote support personnel for ease of installation.  Ongoing equipment Maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

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At KE2 Connect, we embrace the belief that great employees make great companies.  Providing “round the clock” access to our employees is the starting point of a great relationship with our customers.  Customers Service is paramount.


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KE2 Connect is a U.S. based development firm.  The company’s innovative technology is specified by a wide range of end users, consultants and major OEM manufacturers of commercial refrigeration controls.  Additionally, top U.S. education institutions, global restaurants and supermarket chains recognize the benefits of KE2 Connect technology.


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Great User Experience
Great User Experience

IoT Solution - handcrafted to perfection
IoT Solution - handcrafted to perfection

Discover and Secure Access
Discover and Secure Access

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Easy solutions… Deploy and access your digital assets from anywhere in the world

The ideal solution for discovering local assets, displaying Ethernet, Bacnet and Modbus data, and providing secure internet/remote access to previously difficult deployment methods.

Truly – a solution that can be deployed by anyone.

Custom Provided Solutions For Commercial Refrigeration

When the KE2 LDA is connected to an Ethernet or Modbus network, it immediately and automatically scans to find all the KE2 Therm controllers – including KE2 Evaporator Efficiency ,KE2 Temp, KE2 Low Temp and KE2 Adative Control.


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  • "Holy cow! It was starting to look like Antarctica in there with the ice building on the ceiling. I can’t believe the ice is gone. The boxes aren’t sticking together anymore. The product quality is also better, as we used to find that some of the chicken nuggets and also the hamburgers would stick together.” Dawn Bayer, Assistant Manager Quick Serve Restaurant, Cudahy WI

    "...dramatic reduction of ice build up in the freezer"

    “The KE2 controller reduces M&R by eliminating the service calls for de-icing the coils. I also like the fact that it is very visible...and that you can scroll the memory to see the history of what’s happening with the cooler and freezer! And, it is doing fewer defrost cycles, defrosts that were not needed, thus, saving us more energy dollars.” Joe Guzzo, Owner McDonald’s, South Vancouver BC

  • “I’ve wanted a monitoring system for a long time; the ability to have definite numbers for HAACP, without having kitchen personnel manually recording the temperature data for each case. Being able to see if there is an emergency with this system, review the diagnostics, prepare to fix the problem and order parts, a lot can be done prior to our maintenance staff being on site. This not only will save dollars on employee’s time but also travel. This is a good thing for a district our size.” Joy Chartrau, Director of Food service School District of Washington, Washington MO “Before, (the KE2 Evaporator Efficiency) we have never been able to meet our goal temperature during the summer months with this freezer.” Patrick Williamson, Director, Purchasing & Distribution St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis MO “I really like the controller and have many more places we will be using these.” Ken Hunter, Service Technician St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis MO

    Schools & Institutions
  • “Since installing the KE2 controller we have been monitoring the temperature, and we were shocked that the controller was holding the (product) temperature to within a few tenths of a degree.” Kyle Nevenhoven, Logistic Manager Frank Beer Distributors, Middleton WI “...there have been a couple of situations where we probably wouldn’t have known about an issue if it were not for the fact that the controller sent me an alarm notification.” Kyle Nevenhoven, Logistic Manager Frank Beer Distributors, Middleton WI

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